Hey there SCRAM Fam, we thought we’d help you make every workout count with these game changing tips.

So whether you’re one of our loyal gym-goers or you’re new to fitness, here are 10 workout tips to take your fitness to the next level. And remember: doing any type of physical activity is a great first step

1. Walk into the gym with a plan

Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly around the gym looking for what to do next? Having a plan of action before you step foot in the gym can help avoid this. Indecisiveness not only makes your workouts less efficient due to a drop in heart rate, but also adds time to it.

It’s also a good idea to have a back-up workout plan, just in case the floor space or machine you were planning on making use of is taken



2.  Embrace strength training

Get yourself familiar with strength training. Be confident enough to try new things, everyone has been there at one point or another. Strength training can help prevent injury and help you move better in day-to-day life, whether you’re lifting a moving box or climbing stairs. It also keeps your metabolism humming as well as improves bone density, which is important to prevent fractures and osteoporosis. And although you probably associate heart health benefits with cardio workouts, research shows that strength training also helps keep your heart healthy by lowering your blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels!

So if you find that you are spending a lot of time in our cardio section, and too little time hitting the weights, you might want to consider incorporating some strength work into your sessions.



3.  Incorporate compound movements to hit more muscles at once

Compound exercises use multiple muscle groups and two or more joints at once. That’s opposed to isolation exercises, which target one muscle group (such as bicep curls). Because you can get more done in a lot less time, they’re great for increasing overall muscle mass. In addition to this, they also require more energy output and so burn way more calories! Some examples of compound exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts and chin ups. You can also string two movements together, such as bicep curls to shoulder presses.

To make the most of the time you put into the gym, you should aim for compound moves to take up 70 to 80 % of your workout. Throughout the other 20% of your workout, you can target specific muscles you want to work with isolation exercises alone.



4.  Log the details of each workout so you can track your progress

Tracking your workouts is a great way to make sure you’re always challenging yourself. Whether you use a notebook or your phone, note how many reps and sets you completed for each exercise, as well as the weight you used for each. This way, when you perform the same exercises the following week, you will be able to increase the intensity by tweaking one or more of the training variables: reps, sets or weight. Apart from this, it’s always nice to get to look back at your progress and see how much you’ve improved!



5.  Plan workouts you actually enjoy

Finding a workout you actually like is key to staying consistent with your fitness routine. Plain and simple, if you don’t love your workout and look forward to it, you won’t do it!


SCRAM strives to bring a scientific approach to physical training and exercise and aims to deliver high-quality coaching in a community environment. SCRAM works with everyone from beginners, fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes looking to excel in their sport.

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