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Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors

SCRAM strives to bring a scientific approach to physical training and exercise and aims to deliver high quality coaching in a community environment. SCRAM works with everyone from beginners, fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes looking to excel in their sport.

About Tina

Tina’s passion for the sport & fitness industry was pursued through education and training in Sports Science, Development & Management at Loughborough College where she focused on the science behind sport and exercise, the management of sport and fitness industries as well as the development of sport in schools, clubs and countries. Tina then went on to obtain her honours degree in Sports Science & Management from Loughborough University where she focused on more in-depth elements of the sport & exercise sciences including nutrition, sports psychology, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, amongst others.

Education & Past Work

In 2017 Tina graduated with a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning from Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she specialized in the use of exercise specifically aimed at enhancing performances in athletic competition. From national sports clubs to international sports entities such as Malta Basketball Association; Tina has worked with various sports clubs with the goal of helping their players achieve a higher level of performance by understanding and implementing the physical demands of their sport. Throughout her career, Tina has worked with everyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts on their individual pursuit of fitness and continues to do so with her 3 core values: commitment, ambition, and determination.

Strength & Conditioning

Tina De Martino

Long-term vision

Tina's long-term vision was always to bring back what she has learnt and adapt it by creating an environment that allows athletes to thrive and be given the opportunities they deserve; and so ‘SCRAM’ was established.

About Dru

Dru is a Performance coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Sports massage Therapist. His passion for Sport, Health and Fitness was sparked at a noticeably young age when he was told the story about Austin Cassar Torregiani, a relative than ran the 100m against the great Jessie Owens in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. His 15 year journey as a track and field athlete has taken him around the world and given him the opportunity to represent Malta on the National team on several occasions. The peak of his career was in 2018 when he represented Malta at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. His love for sport transcends his own personal goals on the track, as he is also committed to expanding and sharing his knowledge about health, fitness and performance in order to share with others and help make small yet effective and positive changes in people’s lives. With experiences at Loughborough University as a Sports Therapist, working as an F45 Coach in Australia and recently qualifying as a Pilates instructor, Dru is confident that together with the team at SCRAM, he can help you maximise the benefits of your time spent in the gym and help you recover in an intelligent way. P.S. There is a funny side to the story when it comes to Austin & the Olympics. Ask him next time you see him at the gym!

PT, Coach, Sports Massage Therapist

Andrew Cassar Torreggiani

Personal Trainer

Francesca Zammit


Working in healthcare together with her passion for fitness has driven Francesca to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle, focusing on various types of training together with a nutritious diet and mental wellbeing. With over 7 years experience of frequent training, Francesca’s interest continued to grow and she developed the ambition to share her knowledge and passion, leading her to a Master Diploma in Personal Training.

Francesca’s aim is to create a challenging and enjoyable fitness program that uses functional movements, and one that can be amended to fit everyone's fitness level. Helping people to embrace fitness and eliminate both physical and physiological barriers is something that she strives to achieve. She believes and thrives around the idea of teaching proper skills, creating more knowledge and passing on any useful resources in order to reach one’s desired goals.

Personal Trainer

Joanne FZM


Joanne is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and has been in the fitness field for over 10 years. Her ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire others to pursue and reach their goals; be it fitness, strength, weight loss, or simply a change of lifestyle. HIIT/strength training sessions are her forte and obstacle course racing is her passion.

Personal Trainer

Sara Muscat


Sara’s passion for health & fitness started from a very young age with a love for athletics. Her pride in helping others has led her to a career in nursing; however, her focus on strength training throughout her studies at university has motivated her to follow her passion for fitness. Sara has completed her gym instructing and personal training diploma with the intention of helping others accomplish their goals through hard work, determination and a healthy mindset.



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SCRAM strives to bring a scientific approach to physical training and exercise and aims to deliver high-quality coaching in a community environment. SCRAM works with everyone from beginners, fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes looking to excel in their sport.

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