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Because Performance Matters

Fitness in Malta

Strength, Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Massage

Where It All Started

A big idea in a small studio… SCRAM was established in 2016. With a background in sports sciences from Loughborough University, Tina came back home with the ambition to provide a fitness hub in Malta; something which she thought could be a major ingredient towards the development of Malta’s sporting successes. From individuals looking to keep fit, to sports clubs and teams looking to excel in their sport, SCRAM quickly became a community-based gym where people came together and stayed together.

Where are we heading?

SCRAM Gym seeks to be a home for everyone, providing services from top professionals in the fitness industry. Through the combination of extensive training facilities, sport & exercise specialists, and dedicated sports therapists in both physiotherapy and sports massage, SCRAM Gym allows individuals to holistically enhance their wellbeing, all under one roof!

Our expansion in 2020

SCRAM’s new gym is designed to provide the ultimate training space with the latest sporting equipment including state of the art machinery and a large open area for strength & functional training in order to provide the widest range of training options possible.


From national sports clubs such as Luxol BC, Starlites BC, Overseas Rugby Union FC and Aloysians HC to international sports entities such as the Malta Basketball Association; Tina has worked with various sports clubs, with the goal of helping her athletes achieve a higher level of performance by understanding and implementing the physical demands of their sport. Moreover, Tina has not only worked with professional athletes, she has also worked with beginners and fitness enthusiasts on their individual pursuit of fitness.

A Community-Based Gym

SCRAM quickly became a community-based gym where people came together and stayed together. They have instilled the mentality and approach of doing something rather than a means to an end, which is people approaching fitness to do something with their body rather than simply reaching a short-term goal. At SCRAM everyone thrives around the idea of expressing themselves and moving physically every day as human beings are designed to do so. Finding joy in this movement is what provides lasting success and satisfaction for everyone who wants to be a part of it.


SCRAM strives to bring a scientific approach to physical training and exercise and aims to deliver high-quality coaching in a community environment. SCRAM works with everyone from beginners, fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes looking to excel in their sport.

Working hours

Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 21:00
Saturday: 08:00 to 16:00
Sunday: 08:00 to 12:00

Tel: +356 2123 2343

Parking will be available in our car park.

Our socials

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